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Starting salaries of Marketing lecturers at different British Universities

Note: This list has not been updated since 2014 and starting salaries may have changed.

Updated: 4 June 2014 (added Bournemouth University & Keele University)

While glancing at some of the lecturing jobs (in Marketing) coming through my inbox, I was quite surprised at the range of starting salaries at various Universities in the UK. As expected, most of the older and more established, Russell group of Universities, have high starting salaries as compared to most of the younger Universities. However, there were some surprises. The 2nd most highest starting pay is actually offered by the University of East Anglia. So far, the lowest starting pay is offered by the University of Southampton, a Russell Group University.

The starting pay at the University of the West of Scotland, Scotland’s largest modern university, was also much higher than either Coventry University or Swansea University.

If you have a PhD + teaching experience + publications, I would strongly recommend negotiating fo…

Muruganandam Arunachalam and the Sanitary Pad Revolution.

Inspiring talk by Muruganandam Arunachalam.

Book on marketing cases from emerging markets is out

Finally received hard copies of our case study book today. Even though I have seen the proofs and the digital versions before, I cannot describe the feeling I felt when I held the book with my name on the cover, in my hands. My first book, even though it is as the editor.

It has been more than a year since I first proposed the book in our department meeting and there were times when it looked like the book was never going to be published. However, it has been published and I really have to thank Prashanth Mahagaonkar from Springer for his patience and allowing me to push forward the dateline three times.

This was a joint effort of several academics in the Department of Marketing and Advertising, Coventry Business School along with their collaborators. I would like to thank all the contributors, especially my co-editors, Sanjit Kumar Roy and Eva Kipnis.

Though I said "never again" when I finally sent off the final copy, seeing this book on my desk has changed my mind.

You ca…

University Tution Fees [Infographic]

Interesting infographic on University tution fees.


Thanks for the link Heidi.

Relationship between core curriculum and college preparedness [infographic]

An interesting infographic from the Best College Review site which argues that a "Common core curriculum is not the solution to closing the achievement gap".

Some politicians here in the UK believe that the educations standards here have gone down and that we should look at systems followed by other countries.

What do you think?

Source: Best College Reviews

Presentation at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2013

Just got back from Cardiff where I had gone to present a paper at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference 2013. This year it was hosted by the University of South Wales in Cardiff. The venue of the conference was the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The weather was really nice - warm and sunny. At first I did not notice anybody familiar but gradually over the day, got to meet some old friends and made some new ones as well.

The key note was delivered by Prof. Kozinets from York University in Canada and one of the leading experts on social media marketing. He is well known for Netnography, the research methodology which he developed. I found his key note address on marketing relevance really interesting and he highlighted the need for us, academics to engage with different audiences besides other academics, via social media and other resources. He also mentioned academics love of using jargon in our writings (which not a lot of people understand) and the need to be accessible…

Online behaviour and small business [Infographic]

Some really interesting information from Vistaprint.
Thanks to Richard Brennan for sharing the infographic.

Working with Bloggers - The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Cambridge Satchel Company - an amazing British company success story. Now a World famous fashion brand, it started out from necessity - a mother's desire to send her daughter to a better school which she could not afford. The company was founded in 2008, in Cambridge by Julie Deane with just £600. Initially targeted at school children, the brand suddenly developed a cult following, thanks to young fashion bloggers. They now have their own factory in  Wigston near Leicester.

The company opened their first permanent store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. The store has a 'Bloggers Lounge' a space for the blogging community who are credited for the brand's initial success.

Working with FedEx:

Their Google Chrome ad:

Check out their blog as well.

Shop by video. Review of the HUGO BOSS movie - Shanghai Affairs

I received an interesting email about an innovative form of advertising yesterday. Hugo Boss has come up with an innovative way to show off their BOSS summers 2013 collection - a short movie (advertorial with a story-line?) called Shanghai Affairs starring Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chiling and Spanish model, Jon Kortajarena.

Supposedly, customers can shop products from the collection directly from the movie. At certain points on the movie, text links titled "discover this look" appears. Clicking the link takes you to a page listing the products shown in that particular scene.

However, contrary to their promise, you cannot buy the products directly online from the movie. I found out the links take you to their main web page and not to the products. In other words, if you are interested in any of the products, you have to find the the nearest HUGO BOSS outlet and buy it from there or have to search whether the product is available on their online shop.

I wonder if this…

Another University, another graduation

Just received an email recently about the Coventry University graduation ceremony in July. This time I will not be one of the spectators up on the stage but rather, one of the graduates. I will be receiving my Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Professional Practice.

This will the 5th University I am graduating from. The first was Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Himachal Pradesh, India. The second was University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I then became a Certified E-Commerce Professional from Informatics, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The last university I studied in before Coventry univ. was the University of Warwick.

It was not part of a plan - it just happened. Wonder what's next?

NVIVO 10 training

Last week, I attended the basic and advanced NVIVO 10 training sessions (2.5 hours each) on the 3rd and 6th. Some of my friends were quite surprised as I am a "quantitative" guy and one even joked "You are moving to the other camp". This actually underlines the philosophical divide that exists in academia (especially in the social sciences) between the positivists and the interpretivists in particular.

My research philosophy is grounded in positivism and my PhD Thesis was based upon extensive quantitative research, using structural equation modelling. Previously, I did not have the inclination (nor the time) to learn more about the various qualitative methods (and tools like NVIVO). However, after teaching research methods and the fact that a number of my dissertation students were using qualitative methods forced me to move outside my comfort zone. There also seems to be an increasing move towards research involving mixed methods which I feel is a good developmen…

Social Media Marketing Infographic

One of the best infographics on the state of social media marketing today comes from Wishpond based on data from Experian.

Visit the post on Wishpond.

Book on marketing case studies from emerging markets

For slightly more than a year, I have been really busy on a book which I co-edited with my colleagues Dr. Sanjit Roy and Eva Kipnis. A joint effort by academic members of our department, along with collborators from other Universities and the industry, the book has a number of unique case studies from emerging markets with up to date and relevant marketing issues. The book will be published by Springer and we have sent of the final document to them last week.
The book (hard cover) is expected to come out in September this year. It will also be available as an eBook as well.
Click the link below to buy the book: 
Marketing Cases from Emerging Markets

Structural Equation Modelling workshop

My colleague  Dr. Sanjit Roy Kumar, will be running a Structural Equation Modelling Course. The course will run from September 4 – 6, 2013 at Coventry University, Coventry, UK.

This course is a three-day programme on structural equation modelling (SEM) using the software package AMOS. The main objective of the course is to enable participants to develop a good understanding of the SEM applications in the field of social and behavioural sciences.

Course outline

Day 1: Begin the course with an introduction  to SEM with some emphasis on the applications of Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS)

Day 2: An introduction to higher-order confirmatory factor analysis and structural path analysis

Day 3: Finally, learn how to deal with the multi-group analysis for both measurement and structural models

For more information on the course, please visit the webpage:

For any further inquiries, you may email Ms. Katherine McHugh at Katherine.Mchugh@coventry…

Coventry University Blog Project 2013

I started teaching the E-Marketing postgraduate module this semester. At Coventry University Business School, this is a core option module for the MSc Strategic Marketing Management, MA Marketing Management, MA Sport Marketing, MSc International Marketing, MSc Event Management, MA Sport Business Management and MA Advertising and Marketing course. I have a few MBA students as well.

Part of the assessment of this module is via a group coursework and as I was preparing for this module right before this semester, I had several fantastic ideas. However, in the end I decided to go with something which was based on my area of expertise and with the objective to equip the students with hands-on experience of using relevant social media platforms and tools and teaching them how to practically apply the e-marketing theories learnt in class. Thus was born the Coventry University Blog Project 2013.

The students were required to work in groups with each group creating a blog based on their areas …


Michael Watkins writes in the HBR blog that we should focus on threats and opportunities first and then strengths and weaknesses next.

Read his post here: From SWOT to TOWS: Answering a Reader's Strategy Question

Also read: The TOWS Matrix --- A Tool for Situational Analysis by Heinz Weihrich, Professor of Management, University of San Francisco.

2nd Wednesday at the SGI Coventry

I have always wanted to attend the 2nd Wednesday events organised by the Serious Games Institute,  Coventry University Technology Park, every month but could not because of one reason or the other. However, I  made sure that I was free for the event on the 13th of February 2013.

This time the focus was on the future of learning including new approaches to learning such as: MOOCs, technology enhanced learning, game based approaches and social interactive learning. Among the speakers were Prof Paul Frere (Open University),  Dr Alastair Cameron (ITS Learning), Dr Mark Gaved (Open University), Dr Ian Dunwell (SGI) and Kathleen Stokes (Nesta). However, I was specially interested on the presentation by Dr Kaska Porayska-Pomsta from the Institute of Education on The ECHOES project on games to help children with autism. The children can explore and improve social and communicative skills through interacting and collaborating with virtual characters (agents) and digital objects controlled by …

Values of the Marketing courses offered by Coventry University

As part of the PG courses restructuring process at Coventry University, we as PG tutors are working to ensuring that we are complying with the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The PG team - Four lecturers including 2 of my room mates, are supposed to demonstrate how our courses and modules achieve 6 principles, viz.

1 Purpose
2 Values
3 Method
4 Research
5 Partnership
6 Dialogue

I was responsible for looking at the Values. I did not realise how difficult it would be to come up with 300 words describing the values delivered by the 4 courses/ modules offered by our Marketing and Advertising Department, viz.,

MSc Strategic Marketing
MSc International Marketing
MA Marketing Management
MA Advertising & Marketing

This was the first time I actually thought about what we are actually teaching our PG students and how this would help them in the future in their work place and as a member of society.

I will be posting the values here once they are approved.