18 Jun 2020

Free business case studies online

This is an update on an answer I wrote on Quora in 2016. As a lecturer in a business school, I often use business case studies in my classes. They are really useful to help students to apply the theories and concepts which they have learnt in class to actual business case studies. 

I always emphasise that there is no wrong or right answer but rather a bad or good answer and often this is based on their justification and analysis of the information provided in the case studies. So far, I have edited three case study books, namely: 
  1.  Management of Shari’ah Compliant Businesses: Case Studies on Creation of Sustainable Value (2019). Ghazali, E., Mutum, D.S., Rashid, M., Ahmed, J.U. (Eds), Springer. 
  2. Services Marketing Cases in Emerging Markets: An Asian Perspective (2017, Ebook came out in 2016), Roy, S.; Mutum, D. and Nguyen, B. (Eds), Springer. 
  3.  Marketing Cases from Emerging Markets (2014). Mutum, D., Roy, S. and Kipnis, E. (Eds), Springer. 

There are also several free sources on the net but the quality of cases vary greatly. 

For MBA case studies, here are two great sources: 

New cases are added regularly. Though I mostly use marketing related case studies, they have several interdisciplinary cases. 

Cases classified under entrepreneurship, leadership/ethics, operations management, strategy, sustainability, and system dynamics. Do you know of any other free sources of case studies?

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