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Top 10 countries in the World

Was going through some lists and there were some interesting findings. highlighted in Pink are countries which occur on all four lists.

A. Top 10 highest on the 2014 Global Gender Gap Index

B. Top 10 Happiest Countries according to the 2013 World Happiness Report 

DenmarkNorwaySwitzerlandThe NetherlandsSwedenCanadaFinlandAustriaIcelandAustralia
C. Top 10 Best countries for doing business Forbes 2013
IrelandNew ZealandHong KongDenmarkSwedenFinlandSingaporeCanadaNorwayThe NetherlandsA number of countries occur in at least 2 of the lists. However, the 4 Scandinavian countries: namely, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, occur in all three lists. This means that these 4 countries are the richest, happiest and most equal societies in the World. It is also no wonder that Iceland with its strong Scandinavian heritage, is also included in two of the lists. So if we are looking for a good societal model to follow, maybe we …