7 Dec 2012

Filling a research gap

I have had so many students asking me this question that I decided to write a blog post about this.

Filling a research gap means that :

You are not duplicating existing research.
That you have something new to contribute - in terms of theory, methodology or sometimes context.

Online Data Protection training

Attending the mandatory online Data Protection training. This training takes about 1 hours and staff can take the training at their own convenience and unlike actual training sessions, you can pause, go and get a drink, come back and continue from where you left off. It's more like a slideshow but with tests at the end.

I guess the disadvantage is that there is no interaction and you cannot ask questions when you are not clear.

Despite this drawback, there are so many advantages besides the convenience mentioned earlier. For the organisation, I guess it is cheaper for them to organise - there is no need to hire a trainer, book a room, etc. I guess we will be getting invitations to more of such training sessions in the future.

Marketing and FT 50 Journals list

Another prestigious list of business journals is the FT 50 Journals list . This is a list 50 journals compiled by the Financial Times and in...