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Australian Business Deans Council - ABDC Marketing Journals List 2014

Note: This is the old 2014 list. View the updated ABDC 2019 Marketing journals list here

The list of marketing journals is compiled from the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List 2013.

Journals are ranked into four categories of quality, namely, A*, A, B, C, with journals listed under A* considered the best in terms of quality.

Comparing the ABDC list with the ABS ranking of Marketing Journals, it looks like the guys from the Land Down Under mostly agree with the Brits. However, there are some clear differences of opinion with regards to certain journals. For example, the European Journal of Marketing, which is a  3* ABS journal is listed as A*.

Much more surprising was the fact that five journals which are ranked 1* in the ABS list, are listed as a A journals in the ABDC list. This includes Electronic Markets, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and Marketing Intelligence and Planni…