4 Jun 2014

UK University league table results: The rise of Coventry University

You may not like it, you may not agree with it and you may even hate it but the fact is that, as Academics, we cannot ignore the UK University league tables.

Choice of University is often made on the basis of these league tables and quite often than not, we are also judged by where we work.

I recall not long ago, when I first joined Coventry University, there were a lot "Why?" and "You can do better" just because I had a PhD from Warwick University. The fact is that at that time, I was a foreign PhD student with a wife and 2 kids to support, without a permanent job, running between various part time jobs. So, I was delighted to get a job as a Lecturer after literally hundreds of applications and a few unsuccessful interviews. That was in 2011 when Coventry University was ranked 75 on The Guardian University league tables.

That's why I am delighted that in their latest update - University league table 2015, Coventry University has broken into the top 30 coming 27th overall (6 places up from last year). Coventry University also retains it's position as the UK's top modern university. We are even ranked higher than some of the Russell Group of Universities, considered to be an equivalent of the Ivy League in the US by some.

I quite like the Guardian's criteria as they look at student satisfaction, facilities provided and more important, careers of students after they complete their degrees. I guess, this is where the Guardian's tables differ from other tables, like The Times and Sunday Times Higher Education rankings (ranked 45 in 2014) and  The Complete University Guide - University League Tables 2015 (ranked 51).

If you are a student or academic, would love to hear your thoughts on the University rankings.

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