21 Aug 2016

Are you a nowist

I recently received a complementary book titled simply "#Now" from prolific author and fellow WBS PhD alumni, Dr. Max McKeowen. This book was very different from his previous books, namely, Why they don't buy and The Strategy Book. To be honest I initially found it quite tough to review the book. I am generally skeptical of all the self help books out there but after reading the book realised that key concepts are indeed grounded in psychological theories.

There main and very interesting concept presented in the book is about what Max calls "Nowist" behaviour and hence the title of the book. By being a Nowist and being action oriented, Max contends that we can all be effective and happy.

While reading this book, I was reflecting about myself and people in my life. Even though I believe that we are all different and our personalities cannot be grouped into very distinct categories, I realised that I am more of a #thenist person, while my wife is clearly #nowist. I am more of a wait and see guy and not very spontaneous. However, there were times when I did become #nowist, after being persuaded or forced by my wife and took a leap of faith. And thinking back, those lead to some really amazing things - like getting accepted for a PhD at Warwick with a scholarship, getting a job at Coventry and now at Nottingham.

This is an amazing book and I would recommend everyone to read it. Move away from a waiting state of mind to the #Now.

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