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On the Knowledge Centre website

Just found out that I am on the University of Warwick Knowledge Centre site. Check out my short video clip of an interview on blogging, which I have uploaded on YouTube.

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Non-normal data and SEM

There are a number of interesting discussions going on in the Doctorate Support Group on Facebook. One of the more recent discussion was started by one of the members who had normality issues with her data.

Normality is an issue because it is one of the basic assumptions required in order to carry out structural equation modelling (SEM) analysis (BYRNE, B. M. (2010) Structural equation modeling with AMOS: Basic concepts, application and programming, New York, Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group.).

Normality means that the distribution of the data is normally distributed with mean=0, standard deviation=1 and a symmetric bell shaped curve. Normally the Skewness and Kurtosis measures are checked:

Skewness: value should be within the range ±1 for normal distribution.Kurtosis: Value should be within range ±3 for normal distribution.
So what happens when your data is non-normal?

You don't have to worry unless the departure from normality is very severe.

1. Several studies have shown tha…

Presentation on teaching with blogs

Finally put up the video of my Presentation on teaching with blogs on YouTube. The clip is quite long (1 hours 1 minute and 42 secs).