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Reading list for Branding Module

A couple of minutes ago, a colleague asked me whether I could recommend some seminal journal papers on branding. Somehow, I could not think of a single one. All I could think of was the book Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller. This may be due to the fact that branding is not really my area of specialisation. Contrary to what some people seem to think, marketing is such a wide field.

Anyway, had a look on the net and here is a list of some widely cited papers on branding:

 Aaker, Jennifer Lynn (1997). Dimensions of Brand Personality, Journal of Marketing Research, 34(Aug), 347-356.

Fan, Y. (2002) The National Image of Global Brands, Journal of Brand Management, 9(3), 180-192.

de Chernatony, L. (1999) Brand Management Through Narrowing the Gap Between Brand Identity and Brand Reputation, Journal of Marketing Management, 15(1-3), 157-179.

Geuens, Maggie, Bert Weijters and Kristoff De Wulf (2009). A New Measure of Brand Personality, International Journal of Research in Marke…