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Sales Vs Marketing

Note: This post is motivated by a recent chat I had with a marketing consultant in LinkedIn.
Chatting with marketing professionals, I realise that sales and marketing are often considered separate and distinct areas in the industry with marketing being understood as advertising.
From a theoretical perspective, Sales is considered as part and parcel of Marketing as is Public Relations. 
Here is a post (slightly updated) which I wrote in my old University of Warwick blog in 2009 titled "Selling is not Marketing".
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "MARKETING"?
A number of people apparently associate it with either a) selling and b) advertising. What I find surprising is that these include several individuals involved in business and in the corporate sector, including marketing managers.
Selling and advertising is part of marketing but it is NOT marketing.
The concept of marketing has undergone drastic changes over the past three decade…