Should academic researchers market their papers to create a wider reach?

 This is an updated version of a post I wrote on Quora way back in January 2018. My answer is always "Yes!" When I say ‘market’, I would like to point out that I am referring to the academic definition and not the commonly held perception of marketing as "selling".  According to the American Marketing Association (AMA, 2012): "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large." According to a study in 2007, half of the academic papers are only read by their authors, referees and journal editors. I guess Academics like me have ourselves to blame. We have tended to focus too much on theoretical contributions and also limit the discussions mostly to the academic community. However, changes in the way our Key Performance Indices (KPIs) are measured have resulted in the way we view research. Most educational instituti

How do some academics publish several papers annually

I received a recent notification from Quora and apparantly my most popular post on the platform was  a post I wrote way back in June 2018 for the question: "How do  some people publish several academic papers a year?" Another discussion on a Facebook page on the same topic reminded me of this old Quora answer and how relevant it still is. The post is my most popular answer on Quora which has been viewed 79.8K times with 248 upvotes, indicating that this is indeed something that a lot of people and I am guessing mostly academics are interested in or worried about. There were some very interesting comments as well including some which highlighted the dark side. So here is my updated version of that answer: I used to ask the same question myself as I was definitely curious how some academics could publish 10 or more papers in a year. Moreover, some Professors manage to do that in some of the toughest-to-get-in, high-impact, top-tier journals.  I soon realised that my aim of gett

Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) 2019 Marketing Journals List

This is a long overdue post. The latest ABDC list was released on 6 December 2019. Marketing journals are listed under Field of research code: 1505. There are some interesting and exciting developments and a lot of upward movement. I would say that the ABDC list has proven to more inclusive and more advanced as compared to the CABS (UK) list of marketing journals .  Journal of Consumer Psychology has been promoted to A* and now there are 11 A* journals as compared to 10 in the previous list.  There are now 38 A journals in the list, an increase from 29 in the previous list. In the B list, there are now 60 journals as compared to 44 previously. However, the number of C journals has become smaller, from 61 previously to just 45 in the new list.  There are a few completely new entries to the list: Tobacco Control entered directly as a B journal.  There are also 6 new entries into the list as C journals: Indian Journal of Marketing  International Journal of Healthcare Management Internatio

Free business case studies online

This is an update on an answer I wrote on Quora in 2016. As a lecturer in a business school, I often use business case studies in my classes. They are really useful to help students to apply the theories and concepts which they have learnt in class to actual business case studies.  I always emphasise that there is no wrong or right answer but rather a bad or good answer and often this is based on their justification and analysis of the information provided in the case studies. So far, I have edited three case study books, namely:   Management of Shari’ah Compliant Businesses: Case Studies on Creation of Sustainable Value (2019). Ghazali, E., Mutum, D.S., Rashid, M., Ahmed, J.U. (Eds), Springer.  Services Marketing Cases in Emerging Markets: An Asian Perspective (2017, Ebook came out in 2016), Roy, S.; Mutum, D. and Nguyen, B. (Eds), Springer.   Marketing Cases from Emerging Markets (2014). Mutum, D., Roy, S. and Kipnis, E. (Eds), Springer.  There are also several free sources on the ne

FASS Research Excellence Award 2019

Was delighted to be recognised by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Nottingham Malaysia for my research contributions for the year 2018. You might be wondering "Why 2018"? Well, it is like the impact factor for journals, we were judged based on our performance in 2018. I didn't really expect to win but while going through the work I had done last year, I was actually quite surprised I had actually achieved a lot. This included the completion of a Government-funded project; successful completion of 2 consultancy projects; delivery of 2 guest lectures in 2 public Universities in Malaysia; successful supervision of 8 Masters students; publication of 7 journal papers, an external examiner for 2 PhD theses, reviewed 9 journals and conference proceedings and received an Outstanding contribution in Reviewing award from the journal, Technological forcasting and social change.

My recent publications 2019

Here is the list of my recent publications this year. Let me know if you want soft copies of the paper. I am very happy and thankful that I have already exceeded my KPI requirements for the next 5 years. Whatever publications I have after this is just the icing on the cake. Ghazali, E.; Mutum, D. and Woon, M. Y. (2019). Multiple Sequential Mediation in an Extended Uses and Gratifications Model of Augmented Reality Game Pokémon Go, Internet Research . 29(3), 504-528. Abstract: Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the mechanism by which uses and gratification (U&G) constructs predict continuance intention to play (ContInt) the augmented reality game Pokémon Go (PG), through multiple serial mediation technique, with enjoyment and flow as mediators. The model also integrates other motivational factors specific to PG, namely, network externality and nostalgia and investigates the process by which they influence ContInt through players’ inherent need-to-collect anima

Sales Vs Marketing

Note: This post is motivated by a recent chat I had with a marketing consultant in LinkedIn. Chatting with marketing professionals, I realise that sales and marketing are often considered separate and distinct areas in the industry with marketing being understood as advertising. From a theoretical perspective, Sales is considered as part and parcel of Marketing as is Public Relations.  Here is a post (slightly updated) which I wrote in my old University of Warwick blog in 2009 titled "Selling is not Marketing". What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "MARKETING"? A number of people apparently associate it with either a) selling and b) advertising. What I find surprising is that these include several individuals involved in business and in the corporate sector, including marketing managers. Selling and advertising is part of marketing but it is NOT marketing. The concept of marketing has undergone drastic chang