27 Feb 2013

Coventry University Blog Project 2013

I started teaching the E-Marketing postgraduate module this semester. At Coventry University Business School, this is a core option module for the MSc Strategic Marketing Management, MA Marketing Management, MA Sport Marketing, MSc International Marketing, MSc Event Management, MA Sport Business Management and MA Advertising and Marketing course. I have a few MBA students as well.

Part of the assessment of this module is via a group coursework and as I was preparing for this module right before this semester, I had several fantastic ideas. However, in the end I decided to go with something which was based on my area of expertise and with the objective to equip the students with hands-on experience of using relevant social media platforms and tools and teaching them how to practically apply the e-marketing theories learnt in class. Thus was born the Coventry University Blog Project 2013.

The students were required to work in groups with each group creating a blog based on their areas of interest. They were then given a series of tasks to complete. Besides creating compelling content, the students had to promote their blogs - both offline and online, with special emphasis on social networks.   They were also required to keep track of their visitor statistics and post them weekly on a forum on the module Moodle page  (the  e-learning software platform used by Coventry University Business School). In the end, they will be required to hand in a 8000 word long report based on the project.

Several of the groups have done exceedingly well and I am quite proud of what we have achieved.

Given below is a list of the blogs which the students have created :
  1. Inspiration for Travellers
  2. Extravagant Globers
  3. Take A Trip
  4. Movie Mania M21
  5. Cookery Budgetary
  6. Everyday Solutions
  7. Offers, Deals and Sales in Coventry
  8. Facts About Marketing
  9. Student-Assist
  10. Beer Oh Beer
  11. Conquering Coventry
  12. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
  13. GLO Sensational Music
  14. West Midland sport
  15. Sports Light

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