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Starting salaries of Marketing lecturers at different British Universities

Note: This list has not been updated since 2014 and starting salaries may have changed.

Updated: 4 June 2014 (added Bournemouth University & Keele University)

While glancing at some of the lecturing jobs (in Marketing) coming through my inbox, I was quite surprised at the range of starting salaries at various Universities in the UK. As expected, most of the older and more established, Russell group of Universities, have high starting salaries as compared to most of the younger Universities. However, there were some surprises. The 2nd most highest starting pay is actually offered by the University of East Anglia. So far, the lowest starting pay is offered by the University of Southampton, a Russell Group University.

The starting pay at the University of the West of Scotland, Scotland’s largest modern university, was also much higher than either Coventry University or Swansea University.

If you have a PhD + teaching experience + publications, I would strongly recommend negotiating fo…

Muruganandam Arunachalam and the Sanitary Pad Revolution.

Inspiring talk by Muruganandam Arunachalam.