17 Mar 2014

Australian Business Deans Council - ABDC Marketing Journals List 2014

Note: This is the old 2014 list. View the updated ABDC 2022 Marketing journals list here

The list of marketing journals is compiled from the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List 2013.

Journals are ranked into four categories of quality, namely, A*, A, B, C, with journals listed under A* considered the best in terms of quality.

Comparing the ABDC list with the ABS ranking of Marketing Journals, the guys from the Land Down Under mostly agree with the Brits. However, there are some clear differences of opinion regarding certain journals. For example, the European Journal of Marketing, which is a 3* ABS journal is listed as A*.

Much more surprising was the fact that five journals which are ranked 1* in the ABS list, are listed as an A journals in the ABDC list. This includes Electronic Markets, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and Marketing Intelligence and Planning, which are all 1* journals in the ABS list. There are also five 2* ABS journals listed as A as well.

I also notice that their list of Marketing journals is much longer and they list several journals not included in the ABS list including sports, services and digital marketing journals, which I personally think is a good thing as they are underrepresented in the ABS list.

European Journal of Marketing 3* ABS
Industrial Marketing Management 3* ABS
International Journal of Research in Marketing 3* ABS
Journal of Consumer Research 4* ABS
Journal of Retailing 4* ABS
Journal of Marketing 4* ABS
Journal of Marketing Research 4* ABS
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 3* ABS
Marketing Science 4* ABS
Journal of Service Research

Electronic Markets 1*
International Journal of Consumer Studies 1*
International Marketing Review 3*
Journal of Advertising 3*
Journal of Advertising Research 3*
Journal of Brand Management 1*
Journal of Business Research 3*
Journal of Consumer Psychology 4*
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Journal of Interactive Marketing 2*
Journal of International Marketing 3*
Journal of Marketing Management 2* 
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 1*
Journal of Services Marketing 2*
Journal of Strategic Marketing 2*
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing
Journal of Vacation Marketing
Marketing Intelligence and Planning 1*
Marketing Letters 3*
Marketing Theory 2*
Psychology and Marketing 3*
Quantitative Marketing and Economics 2*
Journal of Macromarketing

Academy of Marketing Science Review 2*
Advances in Consumer Research 2*
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Australasian Marketing Journal 1*
Consumption, Markets and Culture 2*
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 1*
International Journal of Advertising 2*
International Journal of Bank Marketing 1*
International Journal of Market Research 2*
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 1*
International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 1*
International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
Journal of Consumer Behaviour 2*
Journal of Consumer Marketing 1*
Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Journal of Financial Services Marketing 1*
Journal of Interactive Advertising
Journal of Marketing Communications 2*
Journal of Marketing Education
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Journal of Product and Brand Management 1*
Journal of Social Marketing
Qualitative Market Research: an international journal 1*
Services Marketing Quarterly
Sport Marketing Quarterly
Young Consumers

Advances in International Marketing
Arts Marketing
Asian Journal of Marketing (SING)
Asian Journal of Marketing (USA)
Canadian Journal of Marketing Research
International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
Irish Marketing Review 1*
Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (JAME)
Journal of Euromarketing 1*
Journal of Food Products Marketing
Journal of International Consumer Marketing
Journal of International Marketing and Exporting
Journal of International Marketing and Marketing Research
Journal of Islamic Marketing
Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare
Journal of Medical Marketing
Journal of Relationship Marketing
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics
Review of Marketing Science
Social Marketing Quarterly
The Marketing Review

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Note: Please let me know if I missed any journal.


  1. A good number of journals were promoted in ABDC 2013 as comapred to ABDC 2010.

  2. I agree. I think an update on the ABS journal rankings is way overdue.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Nice compilation. You missed "The Marketing Review" (Westburn Publisher) in C category.

    1. Thanks Anon. I have added The Marketing Review to the list.

  5. The list is helpful. However, I am wondering how you perceive SSCI, JCR.

  6. Here in Malaysia, most universities use the SSCI list (ISI citations). I have mixed views - some journals with high impact factors are not included in the list while proceedings of some conferences are included as well.
    As for the Journal of Consumer Research, well I hope to get published in it one day. No doubt regarding it's impact and prestige.

  7. The Journal of Customer Behaviour?

  8. Hi Anon, Already listed. It is a B journal.

  9. Young Consumers - ABDC B

  10. What about Journal Marketing Management? As I know, its ranked A in ABDC.

    1. Thanks. Not sure how I missed JMM. I have updated the list.

  11. Thanks for that. I think you should also update the list aligned with ABS 2015 list. E.g., JCP is now 4* in ABS ranking.

  12. Thanks, I update the list regularly.

  13. journal of service research (ABDC A*) and journal of macromarketing (ABDC A) are missing

    1. Thanks Greg. I have added both to the list.

  14. Hi, very useful compilation. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management is missing...

  15. Hi, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management is missing from ABDC B.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Riya. I have added it to the list.


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