16 Mar 2014

Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Marketing journals list

Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Marketing journals list

The list of marketing journals is compiled from the Australian Business Deans Council (ABCD) Journal Quality List 2013.

Journals are ranked into four categories of quality, namely, A*, A, B, C, with journals listed under A* considered the best in terms of quality.

Comparing the ABDC list with the ABS ranking of Marketing Journals, it looks like the guys from the Land Down Under mostly agree with the Brits. However, there are some clear differences of opinion with regards to certain journals. For example, the European Journal of Marketing, which is a  3* ABS journal is listed as A*.

Much more surprising was the fact that five journals which are ranked 1* in the ABS list, are listed as a A journals in the ABDC list. This includes Electronic Markets, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and Marketing Intelligence and Planning, which are all 1* journals in the ABS list. There are also five 2* ABS journals listed as A as well.

I also notice that their list of Marketing journals, is much longer and they list several journals not included in the ABS list including sports, services and digital marketing journals, which I personally think is a good thing as they are under represented in the ABS list.

European Journal of Marketing 3* ABS
Industrial Marketing Management 3* ABS
International Journal of Research in Marketing 3* ABS
Journal of Consumer Research 4* ABS
Journal of Retailing 4* ABS
Journal of Marketing 4* ABS
Journal of Marketing Research 4* ABS
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 3* ABS
Marketing Science 4* ABS

Electronic Markets 1*
International Journal of Consumer Studies 1*
International Marketing Review 3*
Journal of Advertising 3*
Journal of Advertising Research 3*
Journal of Brand Management 1*
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Interactive Marketing 2*
Journal of International Marketing 3*
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 1*
Journal of Services Marketing 2*
Journal of Strategic Marketing 2*
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing
Journal of Vacation Marketing
Marketing Intelligence and Planning 1*
Marketing Letters 3*
Marketing Theory 2*
Psychology and Marketing 3*
Quantitative Marketing and Economics 2*

Academy of Marketing Science Review 2*
Advances in Consumer Research 2*
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Australasian Marketing Journal 1*
Consumption, Markets and Culture 2*
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 1*
International Journal of Advertising 2*
International Journal of Bank Marketing 1*
International Journal of Market Research 2*
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 1*
International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 1*
International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
Journal of Consumer Behaviour 2*
Journal of Consumer Marketing 1*
Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Journal of Financial Services Marketing 1*
Journal of Interactive Advertising
Journal of Marketing Communications 2*
Journal of Marketing Education
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Journal of Product and Brand Management 1*
Journal of Social Marketing
Qualitative Market Research: an international journal 1*
Services Marketing Quarterly
Sport Marketing Quarterly

Advances in International Marketing
Arts Marketing
Asian Journal of Marketing (SING)
Asian Journal of Marketing (USA)
Canadian Journal of Marketing Research
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
Irish Marketing Review 1*
Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (JAME)
Journal of Euromarketing 1*
Journal of Food Products Marketing
Journal of International Consumer Marketing
Journal of International Marketing and Exporting
Journal of International Marketing and Marketing Research
Journal of Islamic Marketing
Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare
Journal of Medical Marketing
Journal of Relationship Marketing
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics
Review of Marketing Science
Social Marketing Quarterly

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Note: Please let me know if I missed any journal.

17 Jan 2014

Personal Blog Marketing: Chapter in book on Marketing in the Cyber Era

A new book titled "Marketing in the Cyber Era: Strategies and Emerging Trends" has just come out. The book is published by IGI GlobalQuite excited as it has a chapter which I co-authored with Dr. Ezlika Ghazali, titled 'Personal blog marketing".

I have extracted this chapter from my PhD thesis and expanded on some of the key issues.

Here is the abstract:

This chapter looks at the commercialization of personal blogs and also defines some of the key terms that have emerged as a result of this phenomenon, including “sponsored posts.” Despite their importance, the authors feel that not enough attention has been paid by academics to the development of marketing in the blogosphere. The chapter also examines the concerns that marketing communications on blogs may be contributing to the shadow economy around the world. The uniqueness of this new form of advertising medium is emphasized, and it is hoped that this chapter will also add to the understanding of why the study of blogs and their commercialization is absolutely essential.

10 Jan 2014

Where and why do you shop? Choice of retailer.

Last evening I was shopping at the Lidl store in Foleshill, Coventry and realised that I had been shopping there quite frequently in the past few months. This made me wonder about the stores I normally shop at and whether I am actually loyal to a store. The answer seems to be a big "No!".

It was quite different a couple of years back - I shopped almost exclusively at Tesco. This was probably due to the fact that there was a Tesco Metro very near to my house and maybe partly due to the fact that I was getting Tesco loyalty card points every time I shopped.

I did shop at Sainsburys and Morrisons sometimes but hardly ever shopped at Asda. This changed when an Asda opened very near to the Tesco Metro near my house. I started shopping there quite often and maybe even more so than at the Tesco. At first this was due to convenience as finding parking near the Tesco store can be quite hard while the Asda store has their own dedicated parking space.

Distance from our house to various stores in the area

Tesco Metro 0.3 miles

Asda 0.3 miles

Aldi 0.8 miles

Lidl 1.7 miles

Tesco Extra 1.8 miles

Morrisons 1.8 miles

Sainsbury 2.4 miles

Sainsburys 3.5 miles

The distance of the store may have something to do with my choice of store but I hardly ever visit the Aldi store which is nearer than Lidl or Tesco Extra. Moreover, I do not think that this was the only reason, as I hardly ever visited the Netto store which was at the same location before Adsa took over. Netto was simply depressing. Choice of products, store layout and overall ambiance of the store does matter.

I think it has got a lot to do with pricing as well - I found out that a lot of the products sold at Asda are cheaper than at Tesco and I am not talking about the store brands but other products they sell. For example, my favourite white bread - Warburtons Medium Sliced White Bread, costs only £1 at Asda while it is £1.45 in Tesco. The staff are really helpful as well.

This brings me to Lidl. I first explored it when it first opened their store in Foleshill and there was nothing special - just felt like another Aldi which has a store in our area which I hardly visit as well. The store layout and aesthetics is nothing to shout about.  However, I noticed that they had a small selection of organic vegetables and fruits. As we consume a lot of organic food this was the initial attraction. I normally buy meat, chicken (Halal) and rice from one of the local stores along Foleshill road (cheaper than in Tesco).  Lidl has also started carrying a number of other products including clothing and  tools among other products. What really surprised me was that the quality of these products (almost all of them are made in Germany) are quite good yet very affordable. It is no wonder that the German stores are really doing well. Read: German Aldi and Lidl crush British 'big four' supermarkets at the checkouts over Christmas.

The big Tesco Extra store at the Arena park has still got the best variety/ range of choices in the whole of Coventry and has probably the best selection of organic food among all the stores. They have undergone a major oerhaul of the entire store layout and I am slowly getting used to it. I realise I still do a major proportion of my monthly shopping  there. However, it is not the only store I go to now and even though loyalty cards and store aesthetics do matter, I realise that convenience and price does play an important role in my shopping habits.

Would love to hear your opinion. What is your favourite store and why do you shop there?

Related Academic Sources:

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9 Jan 2014

Why you should do a PhD?

I obtained my PhD in Marketing from the Warwick Business School in 2011 and was reflecting back. Though there were times when I nearly gave up and even tears were shed, those 4 years were definitely worth it.

Sharing an interesting infographic "Doctorate Degrees: Are They Worth It?"

Are Doctorate Degrees Worth It
Source: Online-PhD-Programs.org

1 Jan 2014

Pillars of morality: Frans de Wall on Moral behaviour in Primates

Really interesting video I recently came across which I simply had to share. Animals do show empathy, cooperation, fairness and reciprocity - pillars of the concept of morality.

28 Oct 2013

Starting salaries of Marketing lecturers at different British Universities

Updated: 6 April 2014 - arranged the Universities alphabetically.

Updated: 21 March 2014

Update: 25 Nov. 2013. I have changed Red Brick to Russell Group of Universities.

Updated 7 Nov. 2013: I have added a few more Universities to the list. Thanks to all my friends for their input.

While glancing at some of the lecturing jobs (in Marketing) coming through my inbox, I was quite surprised at the range of starting salaries at various Universities in the UK. As expected, most of the older and more established, Russell group of Universities, have high starting salaries as compared to most of the younger Universities. However, there were some surprises. The highest starting pay is actually offered by the University of East Anglia. So far, the lowest starting pay is offered by the University of Southampton, a Russell Group University.

The starting pay at the University of the West of Scotland, Scotland’s largest modern university, was also much higher than either Coventry University or Swansea University.

If you have a PhD + teaching experience + publications, I would strongly recommend negotiating for a higher pay. DO NOT START AT THE BASE. Nobody told me that I could negotiate my salary when I started and just accepted what was offered to me.

Given below are the starting salaries Lecturers in Marketing of some Universities based on recent ads on Jobs.ac.uk with the highest starting salaries on top alphabetically:

Aston University - Aston Business School
Salary: £37,382 - £44,607 per annum.

University of Bath - School of Management
Salary for Lecturer (Assistant Professor): £37,382 37,756 - £44,607   45,053 per annum.

University of Bedfordshire
Salary: £31,331 - £37,382 per annum.

University of Birmingham - Birmingham Business School, Department of Marketing 
Salary: £37,382 - £50,186 per annum.

Brunel University - Brunel Business School
Salary: £34,223 - £44,607 per annum incl. London Weighting.

Coventry University, Coventry Business School
Salary: £30,426 - £37,386 per annum.

University of East Anglia
Salary: £38,522 - £44,607 per annum. BEST STARTING PAY

University of Glasgow - Adam Smith Business School, College of Social Sciences 
Salary: £32,267 - £36,298 per annum.

Glasgow Caledonian University - Glasgow School for Business & Society, Department of Business Management
Salary: £38,522 - £44,607  per annum (Grade 7). BEST STARTING PAY

Lancaster University - Lancaster University Management School, Marketing Department
Salary: £32,267 - £44,607 per annum.

University of Leeds - Leeds University Business School 
Salary: £33,230 - £36,298 per annum.

University of Leicester, School of Management
Salary Grade 8 – Extended Lecturer Scale- £36,661 to £45,053 per annum

University of Liverpool 
Salary: £31,331 - £36,298 per annum

Liverpool Hope University - Liverpool Hope Business School
Salary: £30,728 to £36,661  (Grade 7)

The University of Northampton
Salary: £31,331 - £44,607 per annum.

Northumbria University - Faculty of Business and Law Newcastle Business School
Salary: £32,590 - £36,661 per annum.

University of Nottingham - Nottingham University Business School 
Salary (For Assistant Professor): £36,298 - £44,607 per annum.

Oxford Brookes University
Salary: £32,267 - £35,244 per annum.

Queens University Belfast 
Salary: £33,230 - £48,729 per annum.

University of Reading, Henley Business School
Salary: £37,756 to £46,400 per annum (Grade 7)

Regent's University London - Department of Marketing and Strategy
Salary: £34,000 - £36,000 per annum

University of Salford - Salford Business & Law School
Salary: £37,382 - £44,607 per annum

University of Strathclyde -Strathclyde Business School
Salary: £33,562  -

Sheffield Hallam University - Sheffield Business School
Salary: £31,331 - £35,244 per annum

University of Southampton - Southampton Management School 
Salary: £27,854 - £57,743 per annum

University of Sussex - School of Business, Management and Economics
Salary: £33,562 - £45,053 per annum

Swansea University - School of Management
Salary: £31,331 - £36,298 per annum.

University of Warwick - Warwick Business School 
Salary (For Assistant Professor): £37,382 - £44,607 per annum.

University of the West of England, Bristol
Salary: £30,424 - £45,941 per annum.

University of Wolverhampton - Business School
Salary: £32,267 - £45,941 per annum.

University of York - The York Management School 
Salary: £36,298 - £44,607 per annum.

* Russell group of Universities

NOTE: I am still building up the list and any input from my readers are welcome.

13 Oct 2013

Muruganandam Arunachalam and the Sanitary Pad Revolution.

Inspiring talk by Muruganandam Arunachalam.