28 Aug 2023

New paper looking at digital government service quality published

Our paper titled "The mediating role of occupational stress: a missing link between organisational intelligence traits and digital government service quality" has been published in the International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management. 

With my PhD student Dr. Subashini Ramakrishnan and my colleagues at Nottingham Malaysia - Dr. Kenny Wong Meng Seng and Dr. Myint Moe Chit.

This paper incorporates the organisational model of stress with public service-dominant logic. The research examines how digital service quality is influenced by today's high-performing public organisation stressors (organisational intelligence traits) and non-technical elements (occupational stress). More importantly, digital government service quality was examined from a less emphasised perspective, namely the supply side or service providers’ standpoint in sustaining the digital government service performance.

This is the summary of this paper:

The study innovatively explores the mediating role of occupational stress between organizational intelligence traits and digital government service quality in Malaysia, emphasizing the significance of specific employee-oriented traits.

Key points:

📊 Respondent Profile: 200 respondents comprised 50.8% males and 49.2% females across various work experience categories.

📈 Hypothesis Testing: The indirect effect of Organizational Intelligence (OI) Traits on Digital Government Service Quality was found significant at different levels via Occupational Stress.

🧠 Focus on Employees: Employee-oriented OI Traits like “Alignment and Congruence” and “Heart” showed significant indirect effects on service quality.

⚖️ Inconsistent Traits: Some OI traits, such as “Shared Fate” and “Performance Pressure,” had an insignificant effect on occupational stress.

📡 Digital Service Quality: The study extends understanding of digital #servicequality beyond technological aspects, emphasizing occupational stress.

🇲🇾 Malaysian Context: The paper stresses the importance of employee-oriented OI traits in the Malaysian public sector, especially for digital service quality.

🆕 Originality and Value: Innovative approach by blending the organizational model of stress with public #servicedominantlogic, focusing on modern public organization stressors.

🧘 Intervention Strategies: Proposes comprehensive strategies at organisation and individual levels to sustain digital service quality without neglecting psychological wellbeing.

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