28 Jan 2018

Marketing Research Areas

Quite sometime back, a colleague once asked (jokingly, I should add), why does marketing have so many modules? All you need is one Marketing module.

I didn't know whether to laugh or to be annoyed. However, I later found out that despite it's importance, marketing is often looked down by academics in other fields. The problem is that they associate marketing with only one thing - selling/ promotion/ advertising.

In fact, we are probably the only discipline which links directly to the most important factor in business - the customer.

That's why I always joke (though it is the reality): you can have a great engineering team, a great HR team, the best accountants and finance people, the best managers. However, if you don't have a good marketing team, you are done for because no customers means no jobs, no accounting, and of course no managers.

Anyway, if you have always wondered what Marketing is all about, take a look at the various tracks at the UK's Academy of Marketing Conference 2018.

  1. Arts and Heritage
  2. B2B Marketing
  3. Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation
  4. Consumer Psychology and Cross-Cultural Research
  5. Consumer Behaviour
  6. Consumer Culture Theory
  7. Critical Marketing
  8. Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing
  9. E-Marketing and Digital Marketing
  10. Ethics and Marketing
  11. Fashion Marketing and Consumption
  12. International Marketing
  13. Marketing Case Studies
  14. Marketing Communications
  15. Marketing Education
  16. Marketing of Higher Education
  17. Marketing Research and Methodology
  18. Marketing Segmentation and Target Marketing Strategy
  19. Non-Profit and Social Marketing
  20. Place Marketing and Branding
  21. Political Marketing
  22. Retail Marketing
  23. Services and Customer Relationship Marketing
  24. Sports and Events Marketing
  25. Strategic Marketing
  26. Sustainability
  27. Tourism Marketing
Yes, that's a total of 27 different tracks. 

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